Dubai Travel Guide


Dubai: it’s enormous and reckless, conspicuous and garish. It’s a super-auto car influx on a major city road. It’s a $1000 container of champagne when a modest shining would do. It’s the greatest, the best and the most costly of everything.

In any event, that is the thing that individuals expect when they land in this Middle Eastern city. Dubai should be little on culture, and huge on bling. It’s here for a decent time, not quite a while, and it wouldn’t fret disclosing to you so.

The food is good, and it’s cheap

Thanks to a large immigrant population, including a huge influx of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran and Jordan, Dubai has an incredibly good and affordable food scene. Simply wander the streets of Deira, one of the city’s older and cheaper neighbourhoods, and you’ll find tasty treats from around the world, available on the street for only a few dirhams. And for the best Pakistani food this side of Lahore, call past the suburb of  Satwa to dine at the shabby-but-famous Ravi restaurant.

It’s likewise great, and costly

Dubai has a notoriety for fine-eating magnificence, and it positively satisfies that, with a lot of big name gourmet specialists from around the globe setting up stations in inns and resorts over the city. You’ll need to set out some genuine coin to appreciate dinners by any semblance of Nobu Matsuhisa, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and Sanjeev Kapoor, however it will be justified regardless of the cost.

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There aren’t many locals

This takes a while to sink in for most first-time visitors: the fact that there don’t seem to be any local Emiratis around at all. That’s due to a few factors, most notably that only 11 per cent of Dubai’s population is Emirati. The local culture, too, is quite a private one, meaning for many visitors the only Emirati they’ll meet will be the one who stamps their passport at the airport. Those keen to learn more about local culture, however, should call in to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (

You can drink. A lot.

Truly, there are laws against open intoxication, liquor is to a great degree costly, you must be more than 21 to drink it, and it’s solitary served in bars connected to lodgings or clubs. In any case, that doesn’t mean nobody guzzles in Dubai. Any explorer hoping to have a dry occasion will be extremely amazed to discover champagne informal breakfasts, party time drinks costs, and an expat culture of gathering benevolent drinking.

The end of the week starts on Friday – with early lunch

Why are the bistros and eateries stuffed on a Friday morning, when everybody ought to be grinding away? This is the Islamic world, which implies ends of the week are Fridays and Saturdays. Among the Dubai expat swarm, and also some fleeting guests, the start of the end of the week implies a certain something: early lunch. Furthermore, this is no light bite; Friday early lunches are commonly immense devours as lavishness as they are boozy. Numerous inns put on tremendous smorgasbords of each sustenance comprehensible on which you can glut yourself before swaying back to the lodging space for a rest.

There’s history in Dubai

It’s actual: 50 years back this hurling city was minimal in excess of a creekside angling town (before oil was found). In any case, that doesn’t mean there isn’t history in Dubai. The most established piece of the city is al-Fahidi, an all around protected social zone that goes back to the mid 1900s. The limited rear ways and conventional homes here are a charming break from the high rises and superhighways of Dubai legitimate.

This isn’t a city for strolling

The individuals who love to investigate by walking will be woefully baffled by Dubai. First of all, it’s as a rule around a million degrees outside – you would prefer not to trek around in the sun. In addition most things in Dubai are miles separated, and the city has surely not been planned because of people on foot. About the main spots you’ll feel great strolling are the huge shopping centers, which, in decency, do give a lot of space to extend the legs.

It’s a customer’s heaven

Talking about shopping centers, Dubai is a paradise comparable to Hong Kong or Singapore for the individuals who enjoy the obtaining of merchandise. You can purchase pretty much anything here, from fashioner garments to adornments, flavors, top-quality foodstuffs and gifts. At Dubai Mall (, there’s even a “Gold to Go” ATM, at which you all around obeyed customers can pull back one-ounce bars of strong gold, if they have the assets. Just in Dubai.

You’d just go to the shoreline in winter

Given its closeness to the desert, it should come as meager stun that Dubai gets hot –, exceptionally hot. Normal high temperatures in the mid year months, June to August, extend from 38 to 40 degrees. That is excessively hot, making it impossible to do anything outside aside from hurried to the following piece of ventilating. In winter, in the interim, it’s a gentle 23 to 26 degrees amid the day, making it perfect for meandering the roads or hitting the shoreline.

Local people are rich – ridiculously rich

Your first brush with a nearby Emirati will most likely be having your international ID stamped at the airplane terminal. Your second brush with a neighborhood Emirati will likely look as one zooms past in a Range Rover or a Ferrari. Emirati has a tendency to do great, fiscally – that much will surely be clear on the off chance that you ever end up driving past one of their broad houses. Not very many sit outside the 1 for every penny.

There aren’t numerous ladies around

This isn’t a remark on culture, yet on crude measurements. Dubai’s populace, because of an expansive deluge of hands on transient laborers, is comprised of around 69 for every penny men. That implies that by a long shot the greater part of the general population you’ll see meandering around the place – except if you’re in the hall of your inn – will be of the male influence.

Best travel apps for vacations and trips

best travel apps

The world can be your oyster with a little help from the best travel apps around


Skyscanner app

Flights, hotels, rental cars — Skyscanner has got you covered. The app searches for the most affordable and best options via its travel partners. Like with Google Flights, you can see the cheapest dates to fly through a month view calendar, and you can also get alerts when prices change. If you’re not sure where exactly you want to go, Skyscanner offers a category that lets you explore “Top Deals” from your nearest airport, as well as a curated list of destinations at affordable prices.


Kayak iOS app

For many, Kayak has been the go-to trip planning destination for quite a while — and for good reason. Like Skyscanner, Kayak searches across various travel sites for rental cars, hotels, and flights. Kayak often has exclusive deals you won’t find on other sites, and you can set price alerts and use Price Forecast to see whether you should buy now or wait. Kayak also acts as a trip planner, offering up important details at a glance like your hotel confirmation number or gate number. You can also access these details in real-time, and on other devices such as the Apple Watch.



If you’re really looking to get the cheapest possible price for a plane ticket, you need to download Hopper. Like Kayak and Skyscanner, you can look at the cheapest dates to fly via a month-view calendar, but Hopper prides itself on telling you when to buy your tickets via push notifications. The company claims it can save you up to 40 percent on your next flight, and that’s all done by analyzing and tracking billions of flights. The user interface is simple, and Hopper says you can book a flight in 60 seconds or less. Apple added it to the App Store’s Best of 2015 list, and Google made it a 2016 Google Play Award winner.


best travel apps airbnb app screenshot ios

Whether legal in the city you’re visiting or not, Airbnb is a household name. The app undercuts hotels by offering far cheaper prices, and a more authentic experience by staying with a local, or their home. The app recently added a new feature called Trips, which offers Experiences to choose from during your stay — these are curated events you can partake in with local guides. Eventually, the app will become an all-in-one travel app that lets you plan your day, book a car, and more.

Hotel Tonight

Airbnb fall through? Do flights get delayed at your layover? You never know what will happen with your booking, and Hotel Tonight is a reliable service that thrives on last minute deals. The company says its partnered hotels offer it discounts on empty rooms, and you’ll be able to book one in under 10 seconds. You also get 24/7 customer service from the Hotel Tonight team, in case something goes awry.



Active in about 84 countries and 737 cities, Uber is the global king of ride-sharing apps. The app pioneered on-demand services, and it can be particularly handy when you’re abroad. You can quickly request a car directly within the app after perusing an assortment of differing vehicle rates and fare quotes. Afterward, you can connect with your personal driver, track the approaching car’s location, and securely pay your fair using a credit card — no cash needed. Rather than trying to find a taxi or a taxi stand, just bring one straight to you.

Google Maps

google maps best navigation appsGoogle Maps is widely-regarded as one of the best navigation apps around, and it has reigned king for quite a while. You’ll find it fairly reliable in offering up local public transportation options in many countries, and you can also download specific areas for offline use. You can also use Maps to look at when places like museums or restaurants close, and as of a recent update, you can check to see how busy a place is in real time.


best travel apps citymapper iphoneWith a growing list of countries under its belt, Citymapper is one of the best tools to find and utilize public transportation. It connects with a few ride-sharing services, offers the fastest way to arrive at your destination, and best of all, you can check out subway and train times offline for a number of cities. You can subscribe to specific train or bus lines, and the app can even alert you when you need to get off — handy when you’re riding for the first time in a new country.